Dr James Nemeth

Celebrating 43 glorious years sharing the Gospel of the Glory of God. HABBAKUK 2:14. DR JAMES Nemeth is a man whose very life is a miracle. The forces of darkness tried to kill him in his mother's womb. Since that was unsuccessful. The enemy sent a witch to his parents’ house in New Jersey. There the witch snapped James' neck clean at the 3rd vertebrae. This should have killed him, left him a paraplegic or have incredible migraine headaches. However, a chiropractor with x-rays in hand on James ' 40th birthday, exclaimed shockingly that when the neck was snapped, immediately an incredible pressure and heat fused his neck back together perfectly; every bone, muscle, tendon, ligaments, veins fused together perfectly. The only mark was a visible 360° weld seam line around his neck!!!! 

As a professional musician, his band was invited to the dick Clark show at only 14 years old. At 24 he was supernatural converted through an ex prostitute that he helped get out of "the business". Hearing an audible voice while performing, again the providential intervention of God led him to the cross. Soon after, the Lord appeared to him while preaching on the streets of Tampa Florida where Billy Graham began his ministry. It was then that the FATHER gave him instruction concerning his ministry before disappearing right in front of James.

Three months later he was miraculously baptized in the Holy Ghost in Nashville Tenn. experiencing the physical hand of Jesus Christ on his forehead. Three months later. 4 o'clock in the morning in North Carolina. While travelling with 13 members of a gospel singing group out of Tampa, saw and heard the physical manifestation of the fire and hurricane force wind as described in Acts 2. Having obtained his B.A. from the University of South Florida, he returned to work on a Master of Divinity at the Princeton of the west: Oral Robert's University.. He was one of 8 prayer chaplains at the City of Faith, seeing miracles happening throughout all 60 floors. Soon after, in the midst of 8,000 ministers, Oral Robert's anointed him before all as being 1 of 7 that inherited Kathryn Kuhlmann’s mantle. Leaving Tulsa, he preached in Ft Worth, where a minister who was anointed by A. A. Allen to inherit his mantle, now 86 years old and in a wheelchair, anointed James with a vial of oil throwing him, down on the floor in a divine personal visitation of Adonai.

 From there one week later, Benny Hinn in Orlando Fl. Called him out of the audience and anointed him and prophesied before the whole world via T V . He told James almost exactly word for word, what the Lord had told him in 1976 From there Rodney Howard Browne, upon giving him $5000.00 to go preach to 240 million households in Chennai India, was instructed to personally pray over James in his office, imparting an anointing to break the backbone of the spirit of poverty in men and women's lives around the world. Since that time Dr James Nemeth has been taken around the world proclaiming the GOSPEL OF THE GLORY OF GOD with signs wonders and miracles following. He has been brought before Kings, ambassadors, potentates and some of the most powerful ministers of the Lord Jesus Christ. Come and be a part of history in the making and receive YOUR IMPARTATION. Just back from a powerful move in London England. It was reported that the video of him ministering had people slain in the spirit 5,000 miles away. Come and expect your miracle breakthrough.

Veronika West 

Veronika West is Anointed and Appointed by God as a prophetic voice to the Nations. Veronika has a heart to see ALL in the Body of Christ fully Activated and fulfilling Kingdom purpose Destiny. Being born and raised in Africa she also has a passion for Deliverance Ministry and seeing God setting the captives free. She enjoys teaching the Word of God through practical application and supernatural impartation. Veronika also spearheads many Prophetic Workshops and teaches a broad range of Prophetic truths to those who are actively seeking to walk in the Prophetic Ministry. Having recently moved to Ireland she is now in the process of planting and building a ministry called Ignite Ireland Ministry. Veronika has a strong spiritual connection to the land and the Nations as a whole, she now works and ministers along side many others in the Body of Christ who have a call to rebuild and restore the Church throughout the UK and abroad. Veronika is married to Andrew West, together they have two children, a son called Caleb and a daughter called Zoe, her husband Andrew is a business owner and has a strong prophetic call to the Market Place.


A prophetic trainer and equipper who walks close the heart of GOD; a spiritual mother and mentor to many. Blessed with an ultra-sensitive ear to the things of The SPIRIT, she is on a mission to see more of heaven on earth. 


Robin & Nyema Jegede-Brimson 

Robin, a Nigerian Englishman, leads “Servant Ministries”, an equipping ministry through itinerant teaching and preaching, book writing and seminars. He is also the convener of the Inter Prophetic Apostolic Alliance (IPAA), a coalition of apostolic and prophetic ministers running with a vision to be a voice to the nations and the establishment of apostolic order. Robin is passionate to see the church transition to the ‘new’ that GOD desires to accomplish around the world. In July 1996 Robin received a vision for mission’s fires in Nigeria, Africa & Europe. Since then he has been in active pursuit of GOD for a move of the HOLY SPIRIT that will trigger this and other events. In December 1999 in obedience to GOD’s call he moved to England with his family.

Robin is the author of “APOSTOLIC & PROPHETIC FIRES” as well as manuals on prophetic ministry and books on revival (see amazon.co.uk). His ministry is part of “Churches in Communities” led by Dr Hugh Osgood; he is commissioned as a prophet under IPAA as well as “Christian International Europe” (CIE). He is a spiritual son of Apostle Mosy Madugba (MPN). He is mentored by Betty King as well as Mark Van Gundy of Kingdom Legacy Network. Robin releases a monthly “Word for the month” on YouTube (“Robin Jegede-Brimson”). He worships at Harbour Church in Whitstable and is an avid squash player. He is married to Nyema, a worshipper and prophetic intercessor passionate about the ministry of healing. They are blessed with four children and enjoy the grace of GOD living in the seaside town of Whitstable, Kent.